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“Nafas means breathing in the Indian language, but it has an astonishing characteristic due to the changing meaning in other cultures of the world. For example, in Sufism, Nafas is associated to the meaning of freedom, in Arabia, the word describes the dynamic strenght inhaled by the person at birth. The connection between these meanings has been the starting point of this creation, where we started working on breathing meant as birth. Three little tables as they were three cradles, three little beds, the first external surface where the person can make the first movements, can inhale the first air .. then growing up, playing, studing other people… then, the same little table which becomes our burden, our cross to bear in adulthood… afterwards our little world seems to expand, but it’s always forced by lines, by schemes where it seems to be much space, but caos, passions, interests and fears make everything little and always the same. Partially the idea of Nafas has been suggested, involuntarily, by the same dancers, whose breathing seemed a loan, an intense pleasure… a disperation because of the hard physical effort of some choreographies … So I asked them to try hearing their own breathing, becoming aware of that, letting go what is often restrained”.

Mauro Astolfi


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