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Lacrimas - Edward Clug

We are sitting in a birdcage... and we are cold...
If we knew that, we would not be sitting...
In the lower drawer of our memory is still lying that picture...
Yes, that picture!
Why are we sitting lost and confused in own exile?...
Because we know it will pass by...
We are waiting for the train... we have no tickets and worse: we do not know if its taking us in the right direction... we are probably already there...
What a discovery: an electric chair!?
We decided for an electric bench... because it is cheaper...
Once again we ran out of electricity.
The time of the electrocaution was transfered for an hour, this is enough to tidy up our lower drower.
We were told, it would not hurt... we should save the tears for...
And so we were waiting for the last train on the electric bench in the birdcage, half insane and with the other inborn half...
And again no electricity, although we paid the bill.
What das a man feel one moment before death?
The basic idea of Lacrimas was to extend this moment to
one hour, witch is the lenght of our performance.
Instead of waiting to die, those people enjoy what’s left of living.
Edward Clug


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