Ch. Edward Clug.

Architecture of Silence - Edward Clug

This powerful performance embraces the creative power of both the National Opera and Ballet houses (SNT Opera and Ballet Maribor and SNT Opera and Ballet Ljubljana).
Weaving two requiems together, (Requiem by W.A. Mozart and Requiem for My Friend by the contemporary Polish composer Zbigniev Priesner) Clug explores the universal theme of relationship between man and woman with all the complexity and drama that relationships play out.

With an incredibly talented cast of 90 singers, 80 musicians, and 40 dancers, Clug powerfully maintains the intimacy of the universal movements within relationship whilst providing a spectacular musical and visual performance!

We leave and we stay at the same time. We stay in the memory of those who stay,
We stay in our works; we stay and live in all sorts of our trances. We can experience
A requiem as an ode to life, an ode to our ‘legacy’, to our trances left within time
and space for all those who stay or those who are yet to come”. (Edward Clug)

Premiere Night: Krizanke Theatre, Ljubljana on June 25th, 2006.
This production also opened the Singapore International Arts Festival, held in May of 2008.


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