Ugo Ranieri

He started the Dance Academy at the San Carlo theatre in Naples under the guide of T. Ferrante and G. Pensi. At the age of 16, when he was still a student, Vladimir Vassiliev who, in choreography of his “Omaggio ad Ulanova”, chose him as “first ballet-dancer” noticed him. As soon as he got his degree he improved himself with teachers like Z. Prebil, V. Vassiliev, M. Trayanova, G. Popescu, R. Nunez, L. Arajio, E. Terabust and many others who followed him in his career.
A versatile dancer, after various experiences in Italian theatres (Open-Air Theatre of Verona, Rome Opera House, Florence Town Theatre) since 1987 he has been taking part in the San Carlo Ballet Company playing immediately the role of the First Ballet dancer and soon after as “étoile”.
He not only danced in ballets belonging to classical repertory but also to modern one with “ prima ballerina” of Massimo such as G. Spalice, C. Paone, P. Manieri …
And even guests étoile like A. Vallo, V. Durante.

Among many Ballets we remember:

Raimonda, Nutcracker, Cinderella Ch. R. Nureiev
Romeo and Julia, Onegin Ch. J.Cranko
Swan Lake , Gisele Ch. R. Nunez
Allegro Brillante, Donizzetti Variation
La Valse, Beauty Ch. G.Balanchine
Le Jeune Homme et la mort
Carmen, Pipistrello, Duke Ellington
Coppella, Ch. R. Petit
Napoli, La silfide Ch. A. Bournoville
Don Chisciotte Ch. Z.Prebil
Cinderella, Marco Polo
Nutcracker, Te voglio bene assale
Amarcord, Ch.L.Cannito
Excelsior Ch. U. Dell’Ara
Alles Valse Ch. R. Zanella
Vulcani Ch. F. Monteverde.
Romeo and Julia Ch. Mac Millan
Carmina Burana Ch. Y.Vamos
Gisele Ch. Obadovic, De Min
Rapsody Ch. F. Ashton
Requiem, Exultate e Giubilate Ch. M. Sparemblek
Cocteau Opium, Isadora Duncan
Nijinsky, Filomena Maturano Directed by B. Menegatti

He took part in all the tours of the Foundation either in Italy or abroad.
In 1994 and 2000, he was awarded the Prize Leonide Massine for dancing art.
In 1997 he was a guest at the National theatre of Madrid where he danced ”Le jeune Homme et la mort”.
In September 2002 he danced “Duke Ellington” in Moscow.
He participated to many Gala evenings.
Since 2005 he has been maitre de ballet and assistant in the direction of the Company of ballet of San Carlo theatre.
He worked as assistant to the choreographies of:

“Gisele” Ch. D. Deane
“Ma Pavlova” Ch. R. Petit
“Swan Lake” Ch. R. Nunez
“Onegin” Ch. R. Cranko
“Mirelle” Ch. G. Jil
“Orfeo and Eurydice” Ch. K. Armitage
“Tempus Fugit”
“Bolero” Ch. R. North
“Socrate Immaginario Ch. A. Razzi, Regia R.De Simone
“Barmoon” Ch. F.Monteverde

He was choreographer for the ballet of “Traviata” directed by M.Ranieri.(2007)
He drew on the choreographies of “Schiaccianoci” for D. Deane.(2008).
He is often invited as maitre de ballet for the AID centre and the IALS in Rome.
In 2007 he was maitre for the Massimo theatre in Palermo.




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